"A sick plant is a sick patient to a doctor." - Bob Cannard

I really enjoy this quote by Bob. I think what he was getting at here is the issue of the way so much of our food is grown in the industrial food complex. Many conventional farms use practices that erode and deplete soils of essential minerals and nutrients, so the land is not able to provide the proper conditions for growing healthy, nutritious crops. The 'sick' plants are often prescribed a hefty dose of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and so forth, and farmers subsequently become dependent on these products. Bob works within the structure of nature to grow healthy plants that do not need synthetic and chemical inputs. Instead, he utilizes practices such as spreading compost, compost teas, cover cropping, mineral applications with crushed volcanic rock, etc. to regenerate the soil and grow extremely nutritious and delicious produce. I now realize the importance of simply paying attention, and working with nature instead of trying to fight it. In the end, healthy plants mean healthy people and a healthy environment. I'm excited to use what I learned at Green String in my future endeavors, and I'll always remember the golden rule, "50% for humans and 50% for nature."

Jason H. Intern, Winter 16